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Budding Babies 

Parent & Baby Wellbeing, Support and Guidance with

Carly Budd - Specialist Occupational Therapist 

New for 2024 Carly is available for 1-1 appointments with parents to offer bespoke and personalised support, guidance and advice for themselves and their babies and children 0-3yrs.

Carly is a registered Paediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) with a specialist interest in infant toddler and perinatal health and wellbeing. As an OT and registered health professional Carly can support parents in these sessions within the following areas:

The Womb to World Transition 

The Fourth trimester is the term coined to the settling in period for baby as they move from their world in the womb, to the world on the outside. It generally refers to the first 3 months of a newborn’s life. This time is crucial for supporting baby emotionally and physically, honouring this settling in period and supporting infant and perinatal mental health.

Newborn Baby_edited.jpg

Infant and Toddler Development and Play

From the moment baby is born, they are learning about themselves and the world around them.  Baby's learn to be human by the human's around them. Baby play is not about toys (although these have a place), it's about playful interaction with loving caregivers, and important positions for play such as Tummy Time. Movement, exploration and loving connection builds brains and develops bodies, strengthening infant anatomy, physical, cognitive and visual perceptual skills, whilst integrating sensory systems and primitive reflexes.

Understanding Baby Cues

Tuning into your own parental instincts and understanding the language of babies and how their bodies and cries communicate their needs and sensory states. It can be an overwhelming time for parents and babies to get to know each other. Following their cues and adjusting activity and the environment can support both baby and parent, regulating nervous systems and promoting wellbeing.


Settle and Soothe Techniques-

Learn  practical techniques to settle and soothe baby, for relaxation, sleep as well as techniques to help soothe colic and reflux. 

Nurturing Touch and Infant Massage

Touch is one of the first senses to develop, and tactile input is vital to create brain connections and promote neurochemicals that support the mental health of babies and parents. Infant Massage is an ancient and indigenous practise that has multiple health benefits such as skin intregity, muscle development and bone growth. Learn simple routines to add to your day to boost health and loving connection.

Developmental Concerns

As an OT Carly has years of experience working with babies and children with neurological and physical conditions and disabilities, neurodivergences and complex medical needs. She is able to offer support and guidance should you have developmental concerns for your baby or require a session taking into account babies physical and sensory needs.

Perinatal Guidance -

The process and transition of becoming a mother is also known as "matrescence". It is a journey of many physical, psychological and social change. Carly considers this journey and the impact within the family unit offering advice, support and signposting. Considering daily routines, self care and social and work related activities. 


These sessions will be offered Online via Video Call.

There may be options for In-Person sessions in the Colchester and

Surrounding area only - Contact Carly Directly

1 hour session for £70


Block of 4 x 1 hour sessions £250 (save £30)


Gift Vouchers Available - Get in Touch

Please NB: a Pre booking questionnaire must be completed upon booking in order to focus on

key areas of support or you and your baby in these personalised sessions. 

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