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Hey, I'm Carly,

Welcome to my eagerly awaited Infant Developmental Play training for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of developmental play for babies within the first year.
This bespoke, Level 3 accredited course has been created by me, Carly Budd, a Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Registered Health Professional. This training encompasses my many years of experience working with babies and covers everything you need to know to support a baby's physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional and social development through movement and play. Deepen your understanding of development, the importance of mini milestones, positions for play and more. 

When you sign up to this course, no matter which bundle you choose, you will gain access to my Tummy Time Play Practitioner Course because I believe that this is an essential study sector in order to thrive fully in Infant Developmental Play. This training has become a firm favourite with fellow OTs, and those working in the parent and baby sector.

I hope you enjoy this course as much as I have loved writing it for you! 

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Learn the depths of play for the first 1001 days and beyond; and the power of creating loving playful interaction through co-regulation and co-occupation.

Through this training, you will understand Developmental Play and its benefits for babies aged 0-1 and beyond. Discover your role as an Infant Developmental Play Practitioner in creating playful spaces that support the vital nature of play and playful interaction for a baby’s brain.


Discover the importance of nurturing young nervous systems when engaging in infant play. Honouring sensory states, developing sensory systems and primitive reflexes whilst providing sensory appropriate play for infants that will support the architecture of their brain, and foundations of their postures and movements whilst supporting neurodevelopment. Understand and apply knowledge of sensory and motor developmental skills in infants and the significance of Mini Milestones, Transverse and Upright Positions for Play amongst Stages of Play, Schematic Play and the EYFS for 0–1 year-olds - all of which have life long impact. 

Become competent in practising a variety of Paediatric Occupational Therapist Approved Developmental Play activities for infants ages 0-1 years. Master how to structure and set up groups, 1-1s and/or therapy sessions to deliver developmentally appropriate sensory play for infants age 0-1 and their parents/caregivers. Including infants with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Learn, understand and apply the key components for holding space and facilitating successful inclusive play spaces for parents and babies, including health & safety and social justice. Discover marketing techniques to successfully attract parents and infants to your services, and to serve your community whilst also serving yourself. 

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Baby Bundle 0-1yrs

Obtain your Level 3 Diploma and become an Infant Developmental Play Practitioner for £949 with no onward fees or costs. Pay in full or in instalments.


Included in this investment is £346 worth of additional training including full access to the Tummy Time Play Practitioner course and Developmental Play Practitioner PLUS+ masterclass for supporting infants with SEND. There is an option to UPGRADE for current Tummy Time Play Practitioners who wish to study just the Infant Developmental Play.

Ultimate Bundle 0-3yrs

Obtain your Level 3 Diploma and become a Developmental Play Practitioner for infants and toddlers aged 0-3 years.The Ultimate Bundle is £1499 with no onward fees or costs, saving you a HUGE £481! Pay in full or in instalments.


Included is the Tummy Time Play Practitioner Training, NEW Diploma in Infant Developmental Play 0-1yrs, AND the Diploma in Toddler Developmental Play 1-3 yrs package.

OPTIONAL EXTRA BOLT ON: If you would like to add on the Tummy Time PLUS+ Package (£249 RRP) as part of either bundle there is the option for just an additional £99. Upon enrolment on the Baby 0-1 or Ultimate 0-3 Bundle, you will be sent a special link and discount code via email to purchase the PLUS+ package as an optional extra.




This is a complete and recognised Level 3 qualification to create your own baby play business or to up-skill and upgrade the knowledge into your current services or therapy settings.


Carly Budd Developmental Play Academy is not a franchise, rather an online training academy offering high quality courses created and delivered by a highly specialised and registered health professional. You have freedom and creativity to deliver your classes and sessions without the costs or constraints of a franchise, but with the benefits of offering OT approved services, ongoing support from a global community of practitioners as well as Carly herself. There are also opportunities for ongoing CPD when you join this supportive global community. 

*Those enrolling must have their own professional indemnity and public liability insurances in place to practice. 

Please NB: Lifetime Access to courses refers to business lifetime and for the duration of the Developmental Play Academy's existence.

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