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Level 3 Diploma in
toddler Developmental Play
ages 1-3 years:


This Accredited Level 3 Diploma in Toddler Developmental Play 1-3 Years: Developmental Play Practitioner Training has been created by Carly Budd. It brings together her extensive knowledge and expertise to professionals wishing to understand more about the power of love and play for building brains.

Carly has Developmental Play Practitioners across the globe, many who already have a background in play, but who have been able to upskill and advance their expertise through this diploma training. It is also the ideal course for those new to the field of child development and play, who are looking to create their own play based business, and infuse developmentally appropriate play knowledge and practical skills to their services.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” 

O. Fred Donaldson

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what is covered in the course?

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what's included?

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WHY should you train with me?

Investing in this training supports you, your business, and your community. This one of a kind opportunity will not only enhance your knowledge of the Power of Play for children beyond the 1st year and throughout life, but will transform it. In turn you can share this with the children and families you support, and make a difference to children's lives.

More children than ever need play - research shows that less children are engaging in unstructured play than their parents or grandparents era. Yet play forms the blueprint for a child's life long learning and outcomes, their understanding of the world, and their place within it, helping them to master skills that transfer well into adulthood - their brains being quite literally sculpted by play and the playful experiences they are exposed to.

Play gives opportunities for movement, building functional skills, stimulating the senses, and for creating pathways in the brain for higher cognitive functions, supporting the foundations for emotional health and wellbeing.

By completing your studies with me, you will view all play activities with a new lens - the lens of a Developmental Play Practitioner - understanding the depths of love and play for building brains and providing developmentally appropriate and beneficial play spaces for toddlers and their parents/caregivers.  Spaces that provide toddlers with opportunities to experience the power of play, and parents to feel empowered to take play home with them. 

The knowledge acquired will give you a unique selling point to entice, and retain your families whilst offering them high quality play experiences that grow and adapt with their child, and their needs, whether this be via workshops, regular groups, courses, programmes or 1 to 1s.

This course has been designed to fit into an array of different professionals 'tool kits', so that it may be infused within their clinical practice as a therapist new to paediatrics or independent practice, or to add to their Early Years Setting or Parent and Baby groups.


Completing this Level 3 Diploma will qualify you as a Toddler Developmental Play Practitioner for children aged 1-3 years of age; meaning that you can also create your own bespoke OT approved Play Business for parents and toddlers to share with your community, and to spread the power of play for childhood and beyond.


Who is this Practitioners course for?

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How to Study

This course is completed online, in your own time, with no time limit to complete.


You will study four in depth modules as outlined above, and will be required to complete end of module assessment via multiple choice exams. There is also a written assignment on facilitating groups and being a professional practitioner. To receive your qualification you will be required to complete a case study with at least one child aged 1-3 years, submitting your reflection of the session, your teaching plan (including considerations of risk) and feedback from the parent/caregiver.


You will need to obtain your own insurance to work with parents and children, including public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Investment for this course is £749 with no onward fees or costs. Pay in full or in instalments. Included in this price are £233 worth of bonuses. This is a complete qualification to create your own toddler play business or to up-skill and upgrade the knowledge into your current practice. Also see below for bundle options that can save you money.

Carly Budd Developmental Play Academy is not a franchise, rather an online training academy offering high quality courses created and delivered by a highly specialised and registered health professional. You have freedom and creativity to deliver your classes and sessions without the costs or constraints of a franchise, but with the benefits of offering OT approved services, ongoing support from a global community of practitioners as well as Carly herself. There are also opportunities for ongoing CPD when you join this supportive global community.

Please NB: Lifetime Access to courses refers to business lifetime and for the duration of the Developmental Play Academy's existence.


The Toddler Developmental Play 1-3 yrs Package is now available as part of the ULTIMATE 0-3yrs Bundle!!!

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