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CPD: Mini Course

Putting power into Play Spaces for
Toddlers & Preschoolers

RECEIVE UNLIMITED access to this

4-part Mastermind mini course -

over 2.5 Hours of Video Content! 

Masterminds include:

  •  Putting the Power into Play Spaces for SEND families. A masterclass with Carly Budd, Specialist Children’s Occupational Therapist and founder of the Developmental Play Academy

  • Supporting Autistic Children and those with Sensory Processing Difficulties through play spaces - Masterclass with Guest Expert Michaela Manchester, Highly Specialist Children’s Occupational Therapist.

  • Supporting toddler and preschool children with Physical and Neurological Impairment or Disability through play spaces. Masterclass with Guest Expert Aaron Preston, Specialist Children's Occupational Therapist.

  • Play Spaces as a SEN parent with Guest Expert Abbii Kent, Early Years Specialist and previous nursery SENco

Play Images all abiliteis-5.png

This is an ideal learning opportunity for anyone currently supporting or interested in supporting families of SEND toddlers and preschoolers through play based spaces.

Your support may be therapy based (for qualified and registered therapists) , group based for those delivering or who wish to deliver their own play classes, courses, and or workshops within their communities, or it may be based in Early Years, and Childcare settings.

I believe that any professional person wanting to learn more about supporting SEND families and children would benefit from the learning available in these videos.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist I am incredibly passionate about play, the occupation of children. It is the main way in which they learn to navigate the world around them, and their place within it. Play is everything when it comes to a child’s development, not just physically but cognitively, emotionally and socially.

However, it is not always as easy for parents of children with SEND to access play opportunities for their little ones particularly when we look at the lack of play spaces within the mainstream sector.

I would love to change this, but I need your help to do so. Community support is where it's at if we wish to make a real difference in the world. All children deserve access to play, however it looks to them, and it is paramount that all families and their children feel that they are part of a community, that they belong, that they are safe in spaces held by us.


Do you want to help join my mission?

If you do, then please take a look at these 4 extremely informative and eye opening mastermind videos discussing important topics in the SEND world with experts in the field - including practical ways we can support REAL families and children in our play spaces.

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