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Welcome to the Carly Budd
Developmental Play Academy®


The online professional education platform for those dedicated to championing the growth and development of children aged 0-3. Here you will find expert accredited courses designed to provide Health and Social Care, Early Years, Childcare and Parent and Baby Wellbeing Professionals with a deeper understanding of the intricacies of child development, including the sensory and movement needs of a developing brain and nervous system, and the transformative power of play and varied play diets. 

Through the bespoke training created by Carly Budd, a registered and experienced Children's Occupational Therapist, not only will you enhance your knowledge, you will learn practical tools that significantly enhance children's skill development during their early years, leaving a lasting impact into adulthood, whilst ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach to your services.

Why Invest in training with
Carly Budd?


Expert Guidance:

Benefit from Carly's wealth of experience as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and registered Health Professional, guiding you through the intricacies of early child development from 0-3 years, and the importance to 

Move, Play & Develop



Learn to create and provide nurturing play environments, incorporating gentle multi-sensory experiences. Understand the importance of varied play diets and positions for play from birth, empowering parents to extend this learning into their homes.


Thriving Environments:

Babies and children learn to be human in the environments in which they are in. Explore how Carly's training facilitates crucial childhood occupations, creating environments where young children and their families not only survive but truly thrive.


Grounded Knowledge:

Carly’s training is firmly rooted in evidence-based practices, ensuring you receive reliable and developmentally appropriate information on the impact of play on child development and future health and wellbeing outcomes.


Connection Building:

Discover the vital nature of fostering meaningful connections between caregivers and young children, enhancing the quality of interactions in the critical first 1001 days and beyond..


Contributing to Everydayness of Play:

By sharing knowledge and expertise, Carly aims to contribute to the "everydayness" of child development, benefiting the developing brains and nervous systems of young children in your community with simple, low, or no-cost ways.

carly budd play

The truth is that play seems to be one of the most advanced methods nature has invented to allow a complex brain to create itself.”

Dr Stuart Brown


The Carly Budd Developmental Play Academy® is for you, if:


  • You care deeply about babies, children, and their parents/caregivers.

  • You are passionate about promoting the growth and development of children aged 0-5 and honour the power of developmentally appropriate play.

  • You desire to explore the intricacies of child development, movement, sensory processing and play, and understand their impact on developing brains, nervous systems, motor skills and lifelong outcomes.

  • You already have qualifications/experience working with children, but value the importance of enhancing your skill set and gaining a deeper understanding of how movement, positions for play, and playful interaction influence the developing body and brain, in turn elevating your services to your community.

  • You are brand new to the field and are seeking a solid foundation to child development and play, with evidence-based knowledge and practical guidance on development and play from an experienced OT and registered health professional.

  • You are committed to continuing your professional development and maintaining high standards in childcare, quality in parent and baby wellness, and therapy services.

  • You are looking for high-quality accredited training, a global community of like minded practitioners, and ongoing networking and CPD opportunities.

"If you’re on the fence about whether you should take the plunge and invest in Carly's training, just do it - you won’t regret it and it will 100% enhance your practice"

Gillian - Early Years Specialist

Count and Color Activity for Kindergarten Age 4 to 6 Worksheet (2).png

Training with
Carly Budd

Carly, a dedicated Paediatric Occupational Therapist and registered Health Professional, is passionate about elevating your expertise in the realm of early child development, movement, and play. Her meticulously crafted courses are a gateway to enhancing your knowledge and practical skills, laying a robust foundation for comprehending the essential components of child development for building brains and nurturing nervous systems with lifelong benefit.

With a focus on everything from mini milestones to optimal play positions, varied play diets, and the significance of playful interactions, Carly's bespoke training draws from her extensive experience working both in the NHS and independently, utilising play as a tool to support the crucial development of sensory processing, cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. Carly's courses are designed to take your learning on a whole new level and use and infuse this in your services supporting babies and young children.


By investing in Carly's bespoke training, you will deepen your knowledge and enhance your techniques to create enriching play and movement based spaces for babies and young children. Additionally, you'll be equipped to offer valuable guidance to parents, fostering an environment that promotes the holistic development and future outcomes of the little ones that you reach.

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